If this were my business blog site this page would be for the great, awesome, and most excellent customer testimonials. Since it is not for my business and I prefer that people mind their own, I am using this page formerly known as “Testimonials” for “Rants” instead. Let me be the first to kick off this Rant Page and get the ball rolling with a rant of my own. Here’s goes:

Date: April 30, 2020 (in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic) An extra-large woman in a extra-small purple tee-shirt that had big, bold lettering “WTF???” on the back was holding up a cardboard sign that said “STOP CASUAL SHOPPING! GO HOME! PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING!” so I couldn’t help but start my own protest against persons practicing casual protesting. FYI: I won’t be wearing a mask or gloves whilst I protest casual protesting. Just saying.