My Great Mom

Let me tell you about the woman who gave me the inspiration and motivation to craft using my own creativity and desire to design and create. It’s nearly every day that I find myself in the middle of creating or doing something that I learned by watching my mother and think to myself, “I’m glad Mom thought of that!

Mom’s 1942 High School Graduation Photograph

Talk about Greatness!

Mom’s greatness didn’t begin at age fifty. She was always great in my eyes and in the eyes of most who knew and loved her. My great mother taught me silently; she rarely spoke about the things she did nor did she ever explain the hows and whys of what she was doing.  She simply did “it” and did “it” well.  I learned by watching this tiny woman sew, cook, provide for us, fix things, and make things easier for herself and us kids…tiny yet seemingly with the strength of ten thousand men.  She was incredible, there are no words to properly convey to you exactly what I mean – exactly how incredible Mom really was.  

I suppose just about anyone could have thought of the things Mom did with us kids and I’m sure many of the ideas I post have been thought of and done by your own moms and dads, or thought of and done by yourself.  I am propelled to share the things I learned from my mother because it is a way for me to honor her and the life she lived; to help people get to know her, even now that she has joined my dear dad in Heaven.  I hope you find that some of these posts are helpful, useful, or even silly and humorous.  If so, pass it on by sharing a link back to this site.  If not, I’m sorry, but keep checking back for new posts (or sign up for email notifications) because you never know when I’ll post something that will make you say, I’m “Glad Mom thought of that”!

Thank you for allowing me to share this and for reading this little bit about my Mom. Remember this, if nothing else:

No one on the planet will ever love you the way your mother did. Cherish her now because there’ll come a day too soon when your mother will be gone and that’s when you’ll fully realize what this truly means.

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