He was not only my hero, but he was also everyone’s knight in shining armor, I kid you not. Whenever anyone needed anything, he was always there to lend a hand – two hands – two very strong hands that belonged to the strongest person we knew, both physically strong and mentally strong. He was a man of great character, of few words (unless he was telling a funny story). He was loved by all who knew him.

A Quora user asked this question: “Who is the most badass person you have ever known?” I answered the question with a little story about my Mike that has gotten over 350,000 views and is approaching 12,000 upvotes since I posted the answer a few months ago. It is a story about a man whose life should be honored and not forgotten.

There was an old Gatorade commercial with Michael Jordan on it and a kid that says, “I want to be like Mike.” My readers say it should have been this Mike that the kid wanted to be like and include in their comment, “I want to be like Mike”. This is my way of honoring the goodness of Mike’s life. I too, want to be like Mike.

Who is the most badass person you’ve ever met or known?

The gentleman pictured, my ex, Mike is the person that I, and everyone who knew him would agree was the most badass who ever walked the earth (besides Jesus). He was a quiet man, rarely said a word, but when he did it was usually making people smile or laugh. He did anything for anyone when he saw a need, without asking for anything in return.

He was the strongest man we knew. He built, and re-built a koi pond for our friend, he moved two 600 pound boulders by himself without complaint. He helped me take care of my kids, me, and even my mother when she was dying.

The Koi Pond and Waterfall Mike Built (several times) For Our Friend

(this is the koi pond, you can see the size of the boulders Mike moved – on the right, they are partially submerged in the pond water)

He stepped up when things were bad to make things good. He was a gentle giant – not tall at all, but he seemed like the tallest man we knew because of his character and his strength.

When a friend had a party, he was the first one there to help set it up and the last one to leave, until things were cleaned up.

When someone called him for help, he didn’t hesitate to be there and do whatever it took to help that person.

He was a knight in shining armor to many of us. He was the type who would defend the weak -like stop a bully from picking on them. There was a person in our town who was picking on people that were weaker than himself, even a man in a wheel chair. When Mike got wind of this, he rode his bike to the bar where this guy was drinking and partying. Mike actually rode his bike into the bar, walked up to the bully who was a good foot taller than he, and knocked him out with one punch. The crowd in the bar cheered, and Mike rode off leaving the bully laying on the ground to think about the way he was treating people.

Another incident that Mike never told me, but the girl he rescued did. She said she was being attacked by a gang of young men who were raping and about to kill her. Mike happened upon this and immediately, without hesitation, dropped the would-be murderers to the ground with one blow each. After three of the young men were knocked out, the rest ran off, and the girl’s life was saved.

Mike was my hero. When we met, he told me he had “nothing to offer” me. I begged to differ. He had no home, no car, and no steady income, but he had more to offer than most men I’ve met who have all those things. He had good character. He was honorable, he had integrity, and he truly thought of others before himself.

This is just a small sampling of Mike’s life, there’s so much more to him than just the few things I’ve written here. There will never be enough time to tell you everything about him to make you fully understand the “badass” man that he was.

He passed away Dec. 26. The forensics toxicology report shows that someone poisoned him with arsenic, lithium, and a pesticide. He was the strongest man I knew- physically, and that of character, and all it took to take him down was one bitch who was afraid he’d expose her plans take over our friend’s estate. She’s a very bad person, obviously, and she’s still out there somewhere, enjoying her life, and my Mike is gone forever.

He lives on in my heart, and his ways still influence mine today. As much as I try, I’ll never be like him, I don’t know anyone who could be.

Updated January 30: Some of you asked if this really happened. To show you that I did not make this shit up, here’s a photo of Mike on his birthday February 7, his last one before he passed away on December 26. Pictured with his is his nephew, one of the few people who was a able to visit him in the hospital. Most of his friends didn’t have the stomach to see him like this:

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