Who Does She Think She Is?

This is an enlightment of what it means to be targeted. It cracks me up that Twitter says “harassment isn’t its responsibility, that it can’t “delete prejudice and hatred” from society.” and yet, it can outright, without warning, can TERMINATE my account after I shared posts they don’t care to be shared…links to YouTube videos that expose companies (Telecom) who are poisoning our children in their classrooms; speaking out, questioning, and whistle-blowing. Twitter doesn’t like me so they TERMINATED my account – one that I had since Twitter first Tweeted. Not that I care, but it is Internet censorship, it is part of being targeted for twenty-five years. Guess what? I’m not ready to put my whistle down. Laurie Penny authors this article and speaks of such atrocities in a much more subtle, less dramatic way that I ever could or will. I love her style, and only wish that someday I had her class and tact.


Laurie Penny | Longreads | March 2018 | 23 minutes (5,933 words)

Another day at the Telegraph and another attack on Laurie Penny.
— Nick Cohen, The Spectator, 2011

Do you think that red hair and makeup is used for anything other than attention? Her writing? Same. That bitch is a whore who needs to die choking on cocks.
— 4chan, 2016

I think that nice Laurie Penny over at the New Statesman must actually be a conservative mole dedicated to undermining leftism from within.
— Alex Massie, also at The Spectator, 2013

Hang this clown. Hang Laurie Penny.
— Urban75 (British left-wing forum), 2011

Now I don’t want to make light of her depression, but she has probably brought this on herself.
Desert Sun, “We Need to Talk about Laurie Penny,” September 2017

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It’s a clammy summer night. You’re 24, and you…

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