Bird Poop Sandwiches

Recipe for Bird Poop can be found here. Clicking on the link will open a new tab.

The story behind bird poop sandwiches…

My mother did everything she could to be the best mother she could possibly be. She and Dad waited an entire ten years to get their first baby after filing to adopt in the Los Angeles County, my big brother, and then me three years later, my sister a bit over three years after getting me, and then finally Mom said, Enough Kenneth! after adopting their fourth and final baby in 1965.

Dedication of their first adopted baby in 1956
Final baby boy adopted 1966

Later in life, Mom told me very little bit of what it was like to wait those ten years to adopt their first baby – her sister and friends were having kids during that time, while Mom must have been stressed to an extreme because social workers from the L.A. Co Adoption agency would drop in unannounced to inspect their home with a white glove – literally. The one detail she did give me about those ten years was that she had to keep their home immaculate because the inspector would run her white gloved- fingers across the tops of the door jams to check for dust there! Really. Do you know anyone who regularly dusts the tops of the door jams in their houses? Not. I can’t imagine the pressure and anxiety Mom and Dad went through waiting to get their first baby.

Mom registered every one of us kids into the preschool where parents (mothers only at that time) would observe the preschool age children, note how they interacted with each other, and get critiques from the preschool teachers. She kept all those pages and pages of notes about us kids all these years. I found them after she passed away in 2011, I even found my name tag attached to my folder. What a love she had for us, to help our futures by putting us in preschool where she was instructed on parenting and child development.

Mom not only learned everything she could at this preschool to be an awesome mother to us, she worked diligently at home to provide for us, and to make a our home the best it could be. She baked and cooked everything from scratch and packed our lunches with two different kinds of homemade cookies.

Most of our school lunches consisted of the usual you’d find in any kid’s brown bag lunch in the 60s: peanut butter and jam, cheese, etc. One Monday morning, I think I was in the fifth grade, I asked Mom to pack an olive and cream cheese sandwich in my school lunch, as we had some left over from our little luncheon after church the previous Sunday. I had a plan for the sandwich, it wasn’t just for eating.

Tara Pestalozi was in my fifth grade class; she was the “hippie” one of us. She wore glasses like John Lennon, head bands with long braids that dangled in her long, straight hair. She even ate egg shells because they were packed with calcium which seemed kind of hippie-ish to me at the time, I’m not really sure why. I wanted to be as cool as Tara was, and if egg shells could be eaten then so could… bird poop, and the sandwich I took to school in my lunch that Monday made everyone want to throw up, I guess. Some kids believed it was bird poop, it very much resembles it as you can see in the photograph.

So that’s the story of bird poop sandwiches. The “poop” is very good on a soft, fresh Italian bread, and just as good if not better on a Ritz cracker.

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