Fingerhut: Build Credit; Get Ripped Off

Fingerhut Logo: "Now You Can!" (get ripped off)
Fingerhut “Now You Can!” – build credit score while they rip you off!

Today, “no credit history” makes it just as difficult to get a line of credit from a bank as “poor credit”. Who would have thought? Being one who falls in the “no credit” category, I searched for and found a site called Fingerhut, whose promise to help people like me “repair” or “build” their credit score. Bingo!

Unfortunately, I discovered that Fingerhut takes advantage of and actually seems to rip off those who have made mistakes in the past, are on low and/or fixed incomes, and are trying to build their credit today:

  • Items on Fingerhut are priced 30 – 50% higher than other online stores*
  • Shipping costs on Fingerhut make absolutely no sense**
  • Shipping costs on Fingerhut are way over-priced*
  • It is not worth returning an item to Fingerhut because they’ll more than likely charge the buyer for the return shipping***SEE UPDATE BELOW APRIL 29, 2020
  • Customer reviews on Fingerhut are moderated and reviews that try to expose Fingerhut’s bad business behaviors will never be posted
  • A lot of customer reviews are posted so the reviewer can be entered into a sweepstakes

*This Honey Can Do Rolling 10-Drawer Craft Cart is listed on Fingerhut $109, on sale for $99! What a bargain!

**This set of cast iron frying pans that weight quite a lot are listed with shipping code J equaling $25.99 to ship. (Also added is $7.95 tax).

Riverstone Outdoor Sink (hose not included) weights less than five pounds, same shipping code J, shipped for $22.00

Granted, Fingerhut is helping me build my credit score into the positive ranges, but is it worth over-paying for items? That’s up to each individual, of course, it depends on how desperate one is to repair or build their credit score.

As far as returns go on the site: When I received the Riverstone Outdoor Sink, I was shocked at the amount I was charged for shipping because the entire item weighs less than my miniature Chihuahua. When I opened the (damaged) box and saw that mounting hardware was missing, I decided it wasn’t worth the money and returned the sink. The total price of the sink was a bit over $44. The total cost of shipping to me, and then back to Fingerhut? Over $40!!! Essentially, I paid them to take their item back!

One more item, a Christmas tree I ordered at the last minute before Christmas. The tree arrived in a very damaged box, and upon opening the box, I found several ornaments were also damaged.

We put the tree together in an instant and thankfully, all of the lights came on. Here’s the run-down on the cost of this damaged tree:

McLeland Design 7' pre-lit decorated tree

Original price $287.49

Sale price: $114.00

Shipping code (you guessed it) J= $19.99; tax= $9.49

Total= $144.45

Doing a search on Amazon for a 7′ pre-lit decorated tree with a narrow girth produces results for trees with original prices and FREE shipping for about the same as Fingerhut’s “SALE” price, plus another $30 for shipping and tax.

One more thing. Consider the size of the box for this tree that shipped to me UPS. Shipping = $19.99

The previously mentioned sink that came in a large box, but still only a fourth of the size and weighed far, far less than this tree, shipped to me for $22.00. GO FIGURE. (Don’t forget Fingerhut charged me another $20-something to ship it back to them!)

*** Here’s something else I just came across while cleaning out my file cabinet:

I purchased a Cuisinart Sauce Pot and Basting Brush Set (capacity = 16 oz) for their “clearance sale price” of $19.99. The S&H was $9.99 for a total of $29.98.

Home Depot lists this same item for $12.26
(prices may vary according to one’s location)
On the Cuisinart website a newer, updated version sells for $14.95

The “Return Panel” that came with this item says It can be returned within 60 days…Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. (See the image of the return slip below for more details.) Fingerhut instructs customers to ship via UPS or insured USPS to insure proper credit. The instructions also say “You are responsible for return postage”. In other words Fingerhut is literally banking on the fact that since you are paying them to take back an item you changed your mind about, or arrives broken, or is missing parts, that you’ll keep it regardless of your dissatisfaction with the item because it doesn’t make sense to pay Fingerhut to allow you to send back anything. Obviously, Fingerhut doesn’t want these items back for good reason!

So let’s go over this one more time… The basting pot cost about $20. Shipping and handling another $10, shipping back to Fingerhut would be, let’s say, about the same: an additional $10. So, same thing with the outdoor sink I ordered and sent back: I would actually be paying Fingerhut to take back an item I wasn’t happy with and wanted to return or exchange for another item. In a nutshell, I would have spent just about $40 total for the pleasure of shopping on Fingerhut and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Hmm. It would probably be quicker and less expensive to have an accountant manage my bills and money to help me improve my credit scores than this way.

The Fingerhut invoice that comes with this and the other items I’ve ordered does not reflect the weight of the item(s) I ordered so there’s no way, unless I weight it myself, to know exactly how much Fingerhut is overcharging us for shipping and (keyword) handling. Fingerhut gets out of the “overcharging” for shipping accusations by saying the overage is considered “handling” and really, they can charge anything they want for the handling fees. I discovered this after filing a complaint on the BBB website, which, if you have a concern with Fingerhut or any other company you think is ripping consumers off in any way, please consider filing a complaint and leaving a review of the company or product there so that others will discover things before they make the mistake of buying from these companies.

If I sound like a disgruntled customer, you’re right I am. I’m not telling anyone not to use Fingerhut, the site has a lot of seemingly satisfied customers who leave fair reviews regarding the items they’ve purchased. Keep in mind, please, that reviews are moderated, unlike reviews on Amazon that are posted almost immediately after being filtered for obscene or lewd language. So far, the Wish app is the only other company that I’ve come across that moderates their reviews before being posted.

If you’ve had any experience, good or bad with Luminess Airbrush Makeup System, please enjoy along with me the pleasure I got from throwing that company under the bus with the BBB and now here as well: (link to that post is pending completion of my personal investigation into the company’s integrity and consumer reviews and complaints).

Thank you for reading this long post, please leave a comment below letting me know you were here and what you think of it.

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