UPDATE: Since posting this article on December 23, 2018, I’ve done more research on the subject of RFs (radio frequencies) and discovered that most of the information that the FCC has about dangers of RFs is outdated by at least ten years. Finding out that even the FCC – who one would think is on our side, protecting us from harm – isn’t up to date about the dangers and this alarms me because it is not very apparent to just anyone who is checking up on this. I had to pour through pages of documentation and found most of the relatively recent data collected and published for public viewing can only be found on sites in other countries, Great Britan to be exact. Not only that, but most of the data that the FCC has on their website was collected as cell phones were just becoming common, not yet found in every household, and not yet in the hands of most young people and children.



If you’re a Baby Boomer, you certainly recall the simplicity of our classrooms in elementary, junior high (now called middle school for some reason), and high school.  We used number 2 pencils to take tests on strips of question + answer papers where we had to fill in a bubble with said pencil, and if our pencils weren’t the required #2 variety, our answers would not be accurately recorded and we’d fail the test.

Today’s technology in this digital age, goes far beyond that which we were used to in schools, obviously.  What’s not so obvious are the dangers that are bombarding our children with invisible, silent microwaves at levels much, much higher than other countries allow, tens of thousands times higher than the readings that come from a laptop using WiFi which, by the way, emit levels of RFs that break DNA – more specifically, “sperm DNA fragmentation and viability”. It’s no coincidence that the United States reports the lowest birth rates in over 30 (almost 40) years. There’s a very good reason that maternity clothing in China automatically comes with a protective shield women in China   See this here 

(clicking on that link and any other in this post will open a new window and take you to a clip on YouTube)

Most children sit in a classroom for about six hours a day.  That’s six hours of being hit with microwaves & radiation in high levels  According to Dr. Madga Havas, “we are exposing children to microwave radiation for six hours each day while they are in school…”  Another doctor tries to warn us that we are damaging ourselves with the gadgets that we have come to love so much (i.e. cell phones, etc.) and yet another says that microwave radiation is a perfect weapon for a government to use against its people  See this here

All of that sounds pretty radical, like I’m crazy and a conspiracy theorist, but trust me, I am neither of those.  

What I am is a caring, compassionate person who doesn’t have long to live and wants to try to help as many people as possible before I cannot help at all anymore. 

If you watched the excerpts from Ms. Ashlie’s videos on YouTube, please take time to watch her entire video (and others on her channel) and share them with your friends and family – with anyone and everyone you care about, and please comment below and let me know you were here.

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